As the only Cloud Integrator of political committees, we have moved committees into the 21st century.  Utilizing the latest technology, we assist committees with establishing the best software solutions for their financial operations.  From full FEC and State Compliance Services to cloud based software solutions, we allow committees to have real-time financial information, which helps campaigns win and PACs manage their resources.  From accounting software to expense software to all of the options in between, let us assist you in putting together the best options for your committee.  



Real-Time Cash On Hand

You can't make decisions if you don't have an accurate Cash on Hand number.  With our cloud solutions, we are able to provides real-time information on the cash on hand and other financial information.


Anywhere Access

Now committees can access their financial information anywhere in the country.  With our cloud integrated solutions, you will be able to see how you did fundraising in the last 24 hours or see if the media buy wire was sent.  



Are your committee's assets secure?  Well the Depart of Defense was hacked, so if you are still hosting your data on your desktop computer, then probably not.  With our cloud integrated solutions utilizing hosting companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Rackspace, your data is being hosted by companies that devote entire teams to protecting your data.