Real Time Finances

We are currently upgrading our systems for all clients, which will now provide the opportunity for real time financials.  With a special login, you will be able to see financials with contributions and disbursements accurately reflected as soon as we have them.


Compare Actual vs. Budget

Clients are now able to compare their budget to the actual expenses incurred.  This is an especially helpful tool for new campaigns or PACs that are trying hard to maintain sufficient funds for communicating with the voters or ensuring that they have sufficient outreach to their constituencies..

Mobile Expenses

Utilizing our relationship with some of the best software providers in the nation, we are implementing a new mobile app system that will provide for mobile expense reporting.  This system will provide for better receipt retention and submission to ensure compliance.


Multi-Layer Expense Approvals

With our new expense system, clients will be provided the opportunity to have multi-layer approvals available.  With layered approvals, clients can ensure that the expenses of staff are accounted for through a professional process that ensures even better compliance.