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Committees that fail to employ professional compliance services are left open to the possibility of fines and other political problems if their accounts are not managed correctly and in full compliance with Federal election law.

Should cash discrepancies or other process errors arise, we are able to perform an internal review to assess the problems.  Our Audit and Review Services can handle jobs small and large. From determining the discrepancy between your bank and FEC reports, to rebuilding your entire database from scratch, we manage it all. We have extensive experience discovering the causes of significant cash discrepancies from carelessness to ignorance to actual theft of committee assets. 

If you suspect that your committee books may have a problem, we can perform an internal review to ensure that your books are clean before you meet with the FEC. Knowing your issues beforehand, and getting a head start on resolving them, will show the FEC that you have made strides in correcting any past mistakes.

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