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Leadership PACs: Raise More Money and Grow Your Influence

What is a Leadership PAC (LPAC)?

A leadership PAC is a Political Action Committee (PAC) created by Member of Congress or Member-Elect. LPACs have been around for decades and can be a useful tool to any Member.

What are the benefits of an LPAC?

Leadership PACs provide a host of benefits, including:

Tap High-Dollar Donors Again – Individuals and PACs who already contributed to your campaign committee may also contribute up to an additional $5,000 per year to your LPAC.

Support Other Candidates – LPACs may contribute $2700-$5000 to other Federal candidates.

Be a Player – According to the Center for Responsive Politics, 486 of 535 members have an LPAC.

Help Pay NRCC Assessment - Limits vary depending on PAC status and NRCC policies but can range from $15,000 up to $237,300 per year.

Pay for Travel and Membership Dues – Travel that is not specifically campaign related, such as attending events for other Members of Congress, and some membership dues are permitted to be paid for through an LPAC.

Advertising - Any messaging/advertising that is not specifically campaign related or advocating election may be covered through LPAC funds. Additionally, having another committee highlighting your name provides you with another outlet to share your principles and positions.

Charitable Donations – LPACs may make charitable donations up to any amount.

How can I create an LPAC?

CFS manages LPACs of all sizes from those that have raised a few thousand dollars annually to some of the most active LPACs in the nation – including an LPAC that raised over $4 million and contributed $2.8 million to other candidate committees and LPACs last cycle.

CFS can assist in the compliance and day-to-day financial management of any LPAC, large or small. CFS can work with your political team to share best-practices and ensure the best strategy of fundraising and advocacy tools available are employed. Call us at 301-654-3220 to learn more.

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