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States Postpone Primaries Due to Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

States have officially been postponing their primary elections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This pandemic has already had a critical national impact on our citizens and businesses, so it’s no surprise that it’s impacting our political and election system as well. While the FEC had announced last week that they do not have the statutory authority to extend filing deadlines amidst the pandemic, they have adjusted reporting deadlines for the primary elections that have been postponed.

Campaigns are allowed to still collect primary contributions until the date of the rescheduled primary election. For states who decided to postpone their primary election after the deadline for the original pre-primary report, campaigns will need to file an additional pre-primary report with the FEC. Those campaigns will also have another period in which they will have to file 48-Hour Notice reports on contributions of $1,000 or more received ahead of the election.

As of today, the following states have postponed their primary to the corresponding date outlined below:

Alaska - April 10

Puerto Rico – April 26

Ohio - April 28

Georgia – May 19

Hawaii - May 23

Connecticut – June 2

Delaware – June 2

Indiana – June 2

Maryland – June 2

Pennsylvania – June 2

Rhode Island – June 2

West Virginia - June 9

Louisiana – June 20

Kentucky – June 23

New York - June 23

More states may continue to postpone their primaries. Our team at CFS is here to answer any questions your campaign or PAC may have regarding any of these recent developments. We’ll update this page with rescheduled dates should more states postpone their primary elections.

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