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Monthly Reconciliations

We automatically provide monthly transaction reports as well as bank to FEC report reconciliations.  We believe that every reconciliation should match to the penny, and The CFS Way ensures that it does.

Analysis and Outreach Reports

In addition to regular reconciliations and transaction lists, we are also able to facilitate additional reports to assist in analyses, calls, solicitations or other outreach needs.


We are able to assist you in establishing and evaluating your budget so that you have a professional assessment of your financial status.  This is typically a collaborative effort to ensure that you have an accurate breakdown and status of your fundraising and spending habits.

Current Cash on Hand

Cash on hand is one of the most vital aspects of a political committee.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide accurate cash on hand numbers upon request*.  A readily available COH allows you to budget through the end of the campaign.

Cash Flow

Depending on the nature of your campaign, we can provide projections of your cash flow.  This works in conjunction with our Cash on Hand to help with budgeting at the end of the campaign.

* Cash on hand numbers are typically accurate to within a few hours based on receipt of contributions.

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