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Secure Campaign

We take the security of our clients’ assets very seriously. We ensure that every precaution is undertaken to protect the monies entrusted to our care. There is no one in our industry that does as much to protect your funds.

Double Signers

In keeping with the FEC's Safe Harbor provisions, all checks remitted over $1,000 require double signatures by authorized remitters.  With our new in-house system, the protections have been enhanced to provide more security for your assets.


All bank reconciliations and statements are made available to our clients each month (or upon request). This allows for an independent review of all transactions to ensure the security of your assets. 

Outside Treasurer 

Most committees that have had assets stolen have been victimized by their treasurers.  As a result, for the committee’s protection, we do not act as treasurer. We believe it is in your interest to have an independent treasurer to provide a secondary review of the reconciliations and FEC reports prepared by our team of specialists. 

Bonded and Insured

CFS has insurance in place to protect our clients from any improprieties involving funds entrusted to us.

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